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Bill Inserts and Fact Sheets

The Maine Water Company has prepared the following customer bill inserts and fact sheets that may be of interest.

Quarterly Customer Newsletter 

Third Quarter 2017

  • 7 Ways to Conserve Water Outdoors
  • Delivery Service and Value
  • Join our Growing List of Customers Signed up for E-Billing!
  • Maintaining the Proper Level of Chlorine
  • Water Quality Report
  • Monitoring Water Quality
  • Easier access to our website

Second Quarter 2017

  • 100 Million Gallons of Water Saved in 2016
  • Maintaining Confidence in Your Water Quality
  • Water Conservation
  • Why We Flush Water Mains
  • Water Rate News

First Quarter 2017

  • Winter's Challenges
  • Allow Access to Hydrants and Meters
  • Start the Year with Ebilling
  • Water Rate News
  • Community Donations and iPad Winner
  • 2017 Infrastructure Spending
  • What is WISC?

Fourth Quarter 2016

  • Meeting Customers' Needs
  • Good Value for the Cost
  • Winter is Around the Corner
  • Maintaining the Proper Level of Chlorine

Annual Water Quality Reports  

Fact Sheets