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Who We Are


The Maine Water Company is dedicated to the customers and communities it serves. We know how important it is to provide our customers with high-quality drinking water and reliable service.


Water touches everything we care about. It’s essential to sustain life, our economy and our communities. Our families require clean, safe drinking water for their health. Our communities need it for public safety, fire protection, recreation and economic development. Maine Water is a regulated public water utility that is committed to providing high quality water and world-class service to families and communities while being good stewards of the environment.


Maine by the Numbers

Water customers: 32,000
Water treatment facilities: 11
Wells: 14
Miles of Main: 544
Public water systems (PWSIDs): 12
Employees: 70


Maine Water serves nearly 32,000 customers, which is about 80,000 residents across the Pine Tree State, in 21 Maine towns. Maine Water has been serving customers since 1880.


Our Mission

Trusted, passionate and socially responsible professionals delivering life-sustaining, high-quality water and exceptional service while protecting the environment, enhancing our communities and providing a fair return to shareholders.


At Maine Water, we have more than 70 dedicated, highly trained employees who work each and every day to deliver you safe, reliable service. 


Water Sources

Six Maine systems use surface water supplies, and the company pursues all opportunities to protect these sources for the future. All surface water systems use filtration to ensure excellent water quality.

    - Sand and gravel aquifers, and deep bedrock wells 
    - 14 wells 
        - Camden & Rockland: 4 
        - Freeport: 3 
        - Greenville: 2 
        - Kezar Falls: 3 
        - Hartland: 2


Regulatory Agencies

    - Maine Public Utilities Commission 
    - Maine Department of Human Services, Drinking Water Program 
    - Maine Department of Environmental Protection



The Maine Water Company is a public water utility that currently owns or manages 18 water systems engaged in the collection, treatment, and distribution of potable water for homes, businesses and fire protection service. The Maine Water Company serves more than 32,000 customers (approximately 80,000 residents) throughout the state of Maine. The Maine Water Company has been serving customers since 1880.


Maine Water is a proud member of the following organizations:
American Water Works Association
National Association of Water Companies
New England Water Works Association
Maine Water Utilities Association MWUA
Maine Rural Water Association



Maine Water is a subsidiary of SJW Group. SJW Group is among the largest investor-owned pure-play water and wastewater utilities in the United States, providing life-sustaining and high-quality water service to about 1.5 million people. SJW Group’s locally led and operated water utilities - San Jose Water Company in California, The Connecticut Water Company in Connecticut, The Maine Water Company in Maine, and SJWTX, Inc. (dba Canyon Lake Water Service Company) in Texas - possess the financial strength, operational expertise, and technological innovation to safeguard the environment, deliver outstanding service to customers, and provide opportunities to employees. SJW Group remains focused on investing in its operations, remaining actively engaged in its local communities, and delivering continued sustainable value to its shareholders. For more information about SJW Group, please visit