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Water Conservation Indoors and Outdoors

In Maine we are fortunate to have an adequate supply of water for our everyday needs, but it is important to use this water wisely since our water supplies are valuable and the state’s water resources are limited. Conserving water helps us to avoid the considerable expense of developing new water supply sources, and ensure we have adequate supplies in storage for fire protection and other system demands. You can take simple measures to significantly reduce your water consumption and help save on your water bills.

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See how much water you can conserve at home with the Alliance for Water Efficiency's Water Calculator.


Maine Water is proud to be a WaterSense partner. For more information, visit the EPA's WaterSense® Web site.

Test your knowledge of water efficiency facts by playing an interactive online game about water use in your home.


How Much Water Does a Dripping Faucet Waste?

It may just be a tiny drip, but your leaky faucet could be dripping hundreds of gallons of water straight to your drain! Check out the drip calculator here: