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Saco - Lincoln, Market, and Irving Streets


About the Project:

The Lincoln, Market, and Irving Streets Water Main Replacement Project involves replacing over 4,000 feet of water main. This includes original, undersized 6-inch cast iron main on Lincoln Street, and old 10-inch, 8-inch and 2-inch cast iron main on Market and Irving Streets. New main will include 12-inch ductile iron main along with 8-inch and 2-inch mains on Irving Street. The existing pipe has experienced multiple breaks in the past that have interrupted service and caused other issues. Upgrading size will help increase flows and fire protection in the area. The project also includes renewal of customer service connections and the replacement of several hydrants.

This project is being planned in accordance with the City of Saco Storm Drain, Sewer, and Paving project on these same streets this year. Tentative plans are to finish Maine Water Company and the City of Saco work on Lincoln Street this year, and complete the other streets in the following year.

The project contractor has been awarded to R. J. Grondin & Sons Construction.



Phase I Complete: Lincoln Street


Traffic Update:

Maine Water Company's Contractor will be equipped with appropriate signs, barricades, and lighting to provide safe construction zones.


Project News:

  • Water main installation and services are now complete for this calendar year with Market and Irving Streets planning to be completed in 2019.