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Water Main Extensions and New Services

New Construction

If your property does not have an existing connection to public water supplied by Maine Water Company, the first step is to determine if you have access to an existing water main. For more information about the availability of water service in your area, please call Customer Service at 1-800-287-1643 or 207-282-1543. Be prepared to provide the property address and/or the tax map lot number where you would like to obtain water service.

New Water Services

New water services are available to areas where the property is adjacent to a public water main. The new service can be provided by connecting to the public water main and installing service pipe from the water main to the home within the property owners parcel boundaries.

Service Line Installation Cost - The property owner is responsible for the cost of the new water service. The cost of a service line varies based on the pipe diameter and footage required, extent of site restoration, subsurface conditions, local topography, and contractor selected. 

Water Main Extensions

Water main extensions require review when public water main does not exist in the area of proposed development. Maine Water Company approval is contingent on the determination that the new water main will benefit the current water system and will not negatively impact the existing customers. 

Water Main Installation Cost - The costs associated with the water main extension are the responsibility of the developer. The cost of a water main installation varies based on the pipe diameter and footage required, subsurface conditions, local topography, site restoration, and contractor selected. Maine Water Company will develop a cost estimate for administrative and on site services throughout construction after a final design has been approved. The cost estimate deposit must be returned to Maine Water Company with the executed main extension agreement.