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Benefits of our Combination with SJW Group

Maine Water is now part of the SJW Group family, a utility company 100-percent focused on delivering exceptional public water and wastewater service. We will continue to operate as Maine Water and you will continue to be served by the same employees from our local work centers around Maine.

We will continue to be regulated by the Maine Public Utilities Commission and be subject to all the public health and environmental laws of the state of Maine.

Customers will see an immediate benefit from our combination with SJW Group, such as:

  • An immediate, one-time 2% credit of one year of each customer's water bill. 
  • Fostering socially responsible programs and policies and environmentally sustainable business practices.
  • Maintaining a focus on environmental stewardship, water conservation and protection of the valuable lands and water resources that have been entrusted to us. We will operate in a manner that promotes water and energy conservation, source protection, and preservation of open space.
  • Delivering customer benefits through outstanding customer service. This will be enhanced by the sharing of systems, best practices, operational expertise and more extensive resources throughout the entire company.

There are many other long-term benefits because we are now part of a larger organization with increased buying power, greater financial and technical resources, and the support of additional passionate, skilled water professionals across the organization.

Please see Delivering Benefits on Our Commitment to Serve Maine Customers and Communities for additional benefits.