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New Water Service Process

  1. Customer must submit new construction application to
  2. Customer must submit design drawings to MWC
  3. MWC to complete an onsite evaluation 
  4. MWC to provide an Availability to Serve Letter, if required
  5. MWC to provide a cost estimate
  6. MWC and Customer to execute Roadway Service Line Agreement
  7. MWC and Customer to execute Limited Service Agreement, if required
  8. Customer to to execute Easement Deed, if required
  9. Customer to execute Subdivision Control & Shoreland Zoning and provide to MWC
  10. Customer to review MWC's Terms and Conditions, service line specifications, and details. Developer is responsible for providing MWC specifications to their Contractor.
  11. Customer to complete Application for Water Service
  12. Customer to provide deposit for cost estimate before start of construction 
  13. Customer to schedule inspection with MWC for connection to MWC owned infrastructure and service line installation
  14. MWC to true up expenses and provide refund or bill