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About Your Bill


Your Maine Water bill

Your bill for water service is based on three charges:

  • Basic Service charge – a rate that is charged every billing period and is based on the size of the water meter. It recognizes two factors. First, that all customers place a potential demand on a water system that the utility must be ready to supply even if that customer is not using water now, or is intermittently using it. Production, treatment and distribution capacities must be available to satisfy that potential demand. The second factor is to recognize that at least some of a utility's costs are going to occur regardless of the volume of water that is sold. The Fixed Service Charge includes the minimum allotted water usage.

  • Water Usage – the amount of usage above the minimum allotted usage included in the fixed service charge which is then multiplied by the current approved tariffs.
  • Approved Surcharges, Fees or Credits such as the Water Infrastructure Charge (WISC), and any other PUC-approved service fees applied on customers’ bills.
Questions About Your Bill

If you have questions about your bill, please call a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-287-1643. If you prefer to send your questions with your payment, please use a separate piece of paper and include your name, address and account number or you can e-mail


A rate schedule that explains the various charges that appear on your bill and copies of our Terms and Conditions are also available at our offices or by calling 1-800-287-1643.


Direct written communications to:
The Maine Water Company
P.O. Box 70700
Philadelphia, PA 19176-0700