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Maine Schools Test for Lead in Taps

In compliance with Maine State Law, LD 153, Maine schools have recently been testing school building water at fixtures used for drinking or cooking.  Water fixtures such as drinking fountains, faucets used when making food, and other fixtures where water is likely consumed, must be tested according to specific protocols.  


Maine Water’s sources of supply are tested annually for lead as it enters the water distribution system.  We are fortunate that lead has not been detected in our water sources.  Naturally occurring lead is not likely in Maine’s surface or ground water.  However, lead can be found in pipes and fixtures within buildings because older pipe and faucets may contain lead either from the pipe material itself or the solder that was used to fuse it. 


New regulations will require us to inventory service line pipe material at all of our customer services.    We initiated the inventory by checking schools and licensed daycare providers through records review and physical inspection in all of the system we own and operate.   At this time, we have 4 of 17 systems left to check but so far we have not found any Lead pipe. 


Please visit this link to find out more about lead in water and what you can do to reduce or eliminate lead.