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Clean, Safe Water Starts With Protection at the Source

We have published this very short video summarizing recent news we know you’ll be very happy about.

Customers like you tell us repeatedly in annual surveys that you value natural resource protection and conservation. Folks in Maine are fiercely vigilant about protecting the environment, and that common purpose is a big part of why we all like living here. Natural resource protection requires substantial investment, but it’s definitely worth it. And we consider you to be our partners in this important work.

Our employees are Maine people who live in the communities we serve. That means, of course, that we are intimately familiar with the local geography, and the sources of fresh, clean drinking water upon which we all depend. We know Mirror Lake. We know Silver Lake, the Saco River, Grassy Pond, Ferguson Pond, Lower Pond, Upper Pond and the Kennebec River.

Nothing is more important than keeping each lake, pond and river clean and pristine, and that’s the vital contract we all share with each other.