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Maine Water Donates $5000 to Protect Saco River

The Maine Water Company recently donated $5,000 to the Saco River Corridor Commission to help the organization in its mission to protect the very high water quality of the Saco River.

The Saco River in Maine is very clean.

The Saco River is one of the cleanest sources of fresh drinking water in the United States.

The Maine Legislature created Saco River Corridor Commission more than four decades ago, in 1973. The commission ( protects public health, safety, and quality of life. It regulates land and water uses, protects the region’s unique and exceptional natural resources, and prevents negative impacts caused by incompatible development. The majority of the river’s 1,600 square mile watershed remains undeveloped or underdeveloped, and the Saco River is widely recognized as one of the cleanest major rivers in New England.

“A healthy and clean Saco River is critically important to our mission of providing our customers with quality drinking water each and every day,” said Judy Wallingford, president of Maine Water. “The Saco River is such a vital Maine resource, not only for drinking water, but also for its natural beauty and recreational use. Maine Water is in full support of the work of the SRCC, since we share a passion for this wonderful river, and all that it brings to the quality of life and the economic vitality of the region.”

Wallingford presented the donation to SRCC’s executive director, Dennis Finn, last month.