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The water treatment facility that serves Pine Point, Old Orchard Beach, Saco and Biddeford is 136 years old and sits in the flood plain of the Saco River. If you’d like to know what we’re doing to address this situation, we have produced a video to help you out. It explains where we are in the process of building a new facility, and it also makes clear that our plans are a completely open book. The video is a very handy way to bring you up to speed very quickly:

Since Maine Water began its work in the Saco Bay communities in early 2013, one of our highest priorities has been introducing a very high level of transparency about our operations. You need to understand how all the fresh, clean water your family needs gets to your tap. Our effort to explain the process will definitely continue.

If you’re an intensely curious type who likes to dive as deeply as possible into the details, Bravo! And you can know as much as you’d like about this “once in a century” project. The independent engineering firms of Tata & Howard & Woodard Curran completed exhaustive studies of the critical infrastructure needs of this aging system. Volume I of the report is here: Volume II of the report is here:

This impending construction is one of the biggest economic development projects now under way in the Saco Bay communities. We will continue to regularly supply you with information out via this web site, Facebook, Twitter and the news media.