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We’re Planting The Seeds For New Maine Jobs

economic development & clean drinking water in Maine

Maine Water is in a partnership with you, and your town. It’s no secret, Maine towns and cities are doing their best to attract new businesses, for the very simple reason that new business means more jobs.

Well, count us in.

One of the reasons that Maine has such a hard time economically is that, compared to newer and thriving business hubs in the Southeast and out West, our infrastructure is extremely old. That’s a huge disadvantage in business recruitment. Our climate is very tough on infrastructure. Every winter we read about water mains bursting, and pipes that are more than 100 years old finally succumbing to the elements. Freeze and thaw, freeze and thaw, freeze and thaw. It’s brutal.

But, there is good news: Maine Water is tackling this challenge head on. We are making substantial investments throughout the state, from the Midcoast and beyond, to the southern coast. We’re investing MILLIONS so Maine can compete. Every time you see a Maine Water truck out in the field, that is a reminder that we are working 24/7 to modernize Maine’s basic infrastructure, and to help your town or city get ready for future economic growth.

Absolutely, count us in. Let’s get Maine ready for renewed prosperity.