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Your Drinking Water: An Inside Look

Welcome to the Maine Water Company video page. Our company and our people work tirelessly to bring water from the source to your tap to make sure your family or your business has all the fresh, clean water you need, 24/7. These videos give you an inside look at what we do and why, plus the work we do out in the community as your local water utility service.

Follow us on Facebook @MaineWater, or check-back on our video page as we’ll be adding more videos throughout the year. We hope you find them helpful. Still have questions, reach out to us at 1-800-287-1643.



Posted October 3, 2019

The water treatment facility that serves Pine Point, Old Orchard Beach and Biddeford is 136 years old and sits in the flood plain of the Saco River. Here’s what’s being done to address the situation.


Great Customer Service

July 23, 2019

At Maine Water, we have some of the hardest workers in the United States. They live right in the communities we serve, including yours, and this video tribute to them is well-deserved!




July 17, 2019

Maine Water is relatively new to the Saco Bay coastal communities. But six years ago, we got right to work facing the challenges of infrastructure that, in some places, is more than 130 years old. It’s now the Summer of 2019, and this an updated progress report to the community.



Protecting Maine's Resources

June 6, 2019

All across Maine we protect our water sources and the environment to make sure your drinking water stays clean and pristine. This video explains a recent and very imaginative collaboration, an excellent example of the type of community innovation that Maine Water supports all year.


Conservation Credit

Published April 17, 2019

Protecting watershed land is an important part of what we do. It makes good sense that the best tap water starts with the best source water, which is an invaluable service to your family and business, but sometimes it pays other dividends, too. As an example, customers in our Camden/Rockport Division are getting a nice little bonus in 2019!


Why We Flush the System

Published October 24, 2018

Have you ever wondered why you’ve seen us out in your neighborhood letting water run out of hydrants? You’re not alone --- many people wonder the very same thing. So we put together a very quick video that explains what we’re doing.