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Berwick asks Maine Water Company to operate its drinking water system

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SACO, Maine – Feb. 6, 2023 – Maine Water Company announced today that the Town of Berwick, Maine has contracted the company for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the town’s water system, including the treatment facility, all water mains, billing, and other key functions.

The Berwick Select Board approved a two-year contract agreement with Maine Water on January 10th. Berwick citizens continue to legally own the water system. The town will continue to set water rates and own the infrastructure that distributes water to approximately 2,500 residents. The system pumps and treats an average of 150,000 gallons of water per day from the Salmon Falls River, supplying drinking water and fire protection to the Town.

“When the circumstances are right, partnerships between Maine Water and municipal water departments can be very beneficial,” said Mark Vannoy, president of Maine Water. “The Select Board understands that we have a dedicated team of drinking water professionals whose job is to deliver high-quality water and reliable service to customers. And professionally, we share common values when it comes to sustainability, resource protection and respect for the environment.”

More information about the Berwick Water Department is available at Maine Water is a utility regulated by the Maine Public Utilities Commission. The company has mailed a letter to all local customers of the Berwick Water Department, announcing the news and explaining that customers are not required to take any action. Vannoy said Maine Water has similar agreements in place with other municipalities in Maine to assist with quality control and reliability.

“The mission is delivering drinking water of the very best quality, and giving customers the highest reliability possible,” Vannoy said. “We’re happy to help and look forward to a productive partnership with Berwick.”

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