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Seasonal Customers

Maine Water serves many seasonal customers located along the shoreline or adjacent to lakes. These seasonal customers activate their water service each year from early spring through early fall.

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Here are the steps our seasonal customers should take each year:

  1. If your plumber completes your seasonal turn off and you'd like to stop minimum billing until your return, please call customer service. At time of turn on by Maine Water you will incur a $60.00 turn on fee.
  2. If you have a plumber do your seasonal turn off and you don’t want to incur a $60.00 turn on fee, we will continue to bill you the minimum rate for your water location.
  3. If you'd like Maine Water to complete your seasonal turn off/turn on, please call as early as possible to schedule the appointment. This will help ensure you get the date and time you are looking for.
  4. If you elect to have Maine Water complete your seasonal turn off/turn on and you will not be present at the property please sign a waiver form giving us permission to enter the premise.
  5. Please inspect the meter setting to make sure there is a hand valve before the meter. This will ensure that your plumber or Maine Water can turn the water on without introducing water to your home.
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Need to speak to someone?

Customer Service Inquiries and 24 hour Emergency Service: