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Meter Reading & Changes

How to read your meter.

The readings from your water meter help determine the amount you are charged on your water bill. You can read the meter yourself to help verify your bill, monitor your water use and check for suspected leaks.

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Meters record water usage in either cubic feet or gallons much in the same way that a car’s odometer records miles. The digital numbers are read from left to right.

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Where is your meter located? 

Most residential meters are located inside, in a basement, crawlspace or utility closet. However, some customers may have a “meter pit” which is located outside on the portion of the property where the water service line comes into the home.

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How to read and analog display:

The reading will be on the top of the meter. The display will look similar to a car odometer. Please report all digits including zeros.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (8 digit number)

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Where is your meter?

Meters are often located inside or in a “meter pit” outside, near where the water line enters the home. Inside meters are near the main valve, and outdoor meters are visible in the meter pit, covered by a plate that requires a key to open.

Gallon and Cubic Foot Meters:

Maine Water reads meters to the nearest thousandths or hundredth, depending on the type. The last digits are not recorded when the meter is read. The next time it's read, the digits will have moved forward, so we subtract the last reading from the current one to obtain the difference that is used to bill for water.


Looking for an irrigation meter reading? 

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