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Linebacker® Protection

Maine Water's Linebacker® Plan can prevent you from unexpected repair costs for your water service line. We are here to help.

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How it works

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Linebacker® Terms and Conditions
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Price: $94/year

This plan will cover the repair or replacement of:

  • Up to $10,000 in annual repair coverage for water service line leaks from the curb valve (MWC owned) up to and including the first shutoff valve in the house.
  • Non-functioning curb box or curb box cover (MWC owned).
  • Leaking or non-functioning valves or meter pit parts for customers with meter pits.

Also covers:

  • Costs to locate exterior water leak.
  • The cost of water turn off/turn on fees otherwise charged by the Maine Water Company related to service line leaks and repairs.
  • One time loam/seed for disturbed lawn areas and one time restoration of paving by application of temporary patch.
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