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Linebacker® Terms & Conditions

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Linebacker® - Residential Repair Plans Key Terms and Conditions

Effective Date April 1, 2023

A. The Plan

Includes all parts, material and labor required to repair or replace the following categories of repairs:

WATER SERVICE (WS): Leaking underground water service line and associated parts. Includes the repair or replacement of leaking underground water service lines, curb valves, and the first customer shutoff (cellar) valves; non functioning or damaged curb boxes, curb box covers; for customers who have outside meter pits, coverage includes the repair or replacement of leaking or non functioning meter pit valves and non functioning or damaged meter pits and meter pit covers. Maine Water Company (or "Maine Water") or its agent will determine in its sole discretion whether to repair or replace any covered parts. Repair or replacement includes excavation, as required, in the area of repair or replacement. Also includes the cost of water service line shut off/turn on by Maine Water Company and, as required, the one-time restoration of paving by application of temporary patch, and one-time lawn restoration by application of soil and seed in areas disturbed by excavation. Restoration of shrubs, trees or other non-grass vegetative covers as well as restoration of permanent paving or other hard surfaces, such as paving stones, bricks, etc., are the responsibility of the property owner. If additional applications of soil and/or seed are necessary after the first application, that is the responsibility of the property owner.

B. Coverage Limits and Service Fees:

The customer will be billed and agrees to pay Maine Water within 30 days of the invoice date listed on any invoice sent to the customer for the additional cost incurred by Maine Water or its agents that exceeds: $10,000 for WATER SERVICE LINES for total repairs in any calendar year.

C. Exclusions

The plan does not cover pre-existing damages, new water line installations under guarantee or warranty, relocation or alteration of existing water lines, repairs and/or replacement of parts damaged directly or indirectly as a result of the customer or any other party working or excavating on the subject property or in the vicinity of the water service line or its associated parts. Does not cover the thawing of frozen water lines, or damages caused by freezing of water lines, earthquake, hurricane, volcanic eruption, flooding, main break, landslide, natural disaster, civil disobedience, riot or war. Does not cover improperly installed water lines and appurtenances or where the location of the service line due to its location under a slab or other structure prevents reasonable access. "Improperly installed" means not in accordance with Maine Water's Terms and Conditions, applicable Plumbing Code Regulations, and/or other applicable codes, laws, rules, ordinances, or regulations.

Additionally, does not include reimbursement for water losses due to leaks. Does not include repairs or any work specifically and solely for the purpose of increasing water pressure or flow to the subject premises. Does not include any parts not specifically identified as covered. Items such as pressure reducing valves, booster pumps, stop & waste valves, lawn and/or fire sprinkler systems, etc. are not included in the Plan. Does not include repair of any leaks on main to curb water service lines installed off of private water mains.

D. Limitations

Maine Water and its agents will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including damage caused by water service line, or for any damages caused to the customer or any other party, or any of their respective property unless such damage is the direct result of negligence or Maine water or its agents.

Maine Water or its agents will not enter an area inside the subject premises that is found to be potentially unsafe due to water leaks in basements or other work areas, and will not be held liable for any loss or damage due to or arising of its failure to enter.

All work in relation to the Plan must be performed by Maine Water or its authorized contractor(s). The Plan will not pay for any labor, parts or any other costs for repair or replacement of any covered items performed by any unauthorized parties or any water damage caused by leaks. Any work performed by unauthorized parties will be considered a breach of the terms and conditions of the Plan.

All repair work completed under this plan is guaranteed for a period of one year for failures or defects in material or workmanship.

E. Plan Eligibility

The customer must own or have a written legal responsibility and authority to provide repairs for the water service line to a residential dwelling. The customer must own the property traversed by the water service line, or you must show proof of a valid Right of Access that permits access for the repair and/or replacement of the water line if it crosses any intervening property. Residential water service lines can be no greater than 1 1/2 “ in diameter. All water service lines must conform to the design, operation and maintenance standards of Maine Water Company's Terms and Conditions. Water service lines cannot be installed in the same trench with other underground utilities or under concrete slabs, decks, patios, pools or other structures that would prevent reasonable access for repair purposes. Maine Water Company reserves the right to deny Plan coverage for any reason.

F. Enrollment

Program protection initiates 30 days after your enrollment is received and processed by us. If a Plan lapses, you may re-enroll in the Plan at any time but will be subject to another 30 day waiting period.

Maine Water reserves the right to make an on-site inspection of your water lines and associated parts to ensure they are in proper operating condition before accepting any responsibility under the Plan. Maine Water's acceptance of responsibility under the Plan, however, does not negate the provisions of this Plan regarding exclusions and limitations, which still apply.

Plan coverage will begin 30 days after receiving the completed enrollment form unless it is denied during the initial 30 day review period for issues with service line history or condition, access, length, easements, ownership:

______You elect to have charges added to your periodic water bill (quarterly, monthly or annually)

G. Cancellation/Termination

The customer may cancel the Plan at any time by notifying Maine Water in writing at 93 Industrial Park Drive, Saco, ME, 04072 or by calling 1.800.287.1643. Customers may request a refund of any remaining pro-rated fee based on the number of full months' coverage remaining (must have at least one full month remaining coverage). Refunds must be requested within 30 days after termination.

Maine Water may also terminate the Plan for non-payment of the fee and reserves the right to terminate the Plan if Maine Water determines that:

1.) The water service line, or its associated parts, do not conform to Maine water's Rules and Regulations, applicable Plumbing Code Regulations, and/or other applicable codes, laws, rules, ordinances, or regulations.

2.) There are unsafe working conditions at the site that the property owner or person responsible for the water service line refuses to correct prior to the start of repairs.

3.) The property owner or person responsible for the water service line does not allow or permit the servicing, repair or replacement of any parts necessary to maintain the parts covered.

4.) There has been a breach of the Plan by the customer.

H. Renewals

For those customers who have paid one year in advance, the Plan is eligible for renewal upon an anniversary date. The Plan will be automatically renewed, unless the customer contacts us to cancel. The customer may elect to renew by paying for the next year by check, money order or credit card, or by having the charges added to periodic water bills. If the customer elects to add the charges to the water bill, one-fourth (¼th) of the annual fee for Linebacker® will be added to each quarterly water bill (or one-twelfth (1/12th) of the annual fee to each monthly water bill), during the renewal period.

To cancel the Plan, please call us at 1.800.287.1643. Information and prices contained in this brochure are accurate as of 04/01/23, but may be subject to change.

Maine Water reserves the right to change the items covered or the price of the Plan without prior notice.



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