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Keeping our employees safe at all times is our #1 priority.

Our Vision to serve customers, communities, employees, shareholders and the environment at world class levels means safety is always at the forefront in all we do. Keeping our employees safe in their daily work is a top priority at Maine Water. That is why we live by our Guiding Principles and Golden Rules of Safety.

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headshot of Mark Vannoy President of Maine Water

Safety is our top priority.

Our fundamental principles and golden rules of safety establish essential guidelines. The well-being of our team relies on our shared dedication to maintaining the utmost levels of safety in every situation. Ensuring that our employees return home safely to their families every day is imperative.

- Mark Vannoy - President
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Our Guiding Principles of Safety

two people working on an underground water line

people in safety vests and hard hats working on a water line in the community

people on the job site in saftey vets and hard hats looking at project plans

Maine Water employees standing in front of a backhoe vehicle

person testing water
two people working on an underground water line
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