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Water Quality - Our Highest Priority


Our Commitment

Our team of 70 dedicated, highly trained professionals is committed to providing you with a reliable supply of high quality water and responsive service. We know the most important thing we do each and every day is provide clean water so families can trust the water we provide will contribute to their good health.

Lead in Drinking Water

The importance of what our water professionals do every day is more evident these days with the recent media coverage of the water quality crisis in Flint, Michigan. We know customers may have questions and we want to assure you that we take a number of steps in our water treatment and testing so you can have confidence in your water quality. Our Lead in Drinking Water Factsheet provides answers to commonly asked questions about Lead in Drinking Water.

You should know lead is rarely found in surface water (lakes, streams) and groundwater (aquifers, wells). Maine Water conducts extensive water quality testing at our sources and within our distribution system and no lead has been detected. The primary way lead can enter drinking water is when it comes in contact with lead service lines or household plumbing (pipes, faucets) made from lead.

A critical step in reducing the risk of lead leaching from customers’ service line or internal plumbing is to adjust the pH in the water system. We have a comprehensive corrosion control program that provides treatment based on the source water quality. Further, we fully comply with the EPA requirements regarding sampling for lead in drinking water and have provided documentation to the Maine Drinking Water Program to demonstrate our results.

Water Quality Information

Lead Test Results

Annual Water Quality Reports

Annual Water Quality Report includes the results of more than 110,000 samples, or about 300 tests per day, tested at state certified laboratories for more than 120 potential contaminants and water quality parameters.

Maine Commercial Laboratories

This is a list of laboratories that can perform certified drinking water analysis in Maine.